Taiwan Independence Movement Involvement

The Taiwan movement for independence is a political movement that has the aim to regain Taiwan’s independence from the People’s Republic of China. The main aims of the movement has the mission to rename the current ROC the Republic of Taiwan or the State of Taiwan, to create a distinct Taiwanese national identity and to oppose the unification of Taiwan with the PRC.

The movement has itself been received with both support and opposition in the country and mostly with opposition in the People’s Republic of China. The latter considers the Taiwanese territory part of the mainland and it claims sovereignty over it. In Taiwan, the Pan-Green Coalition supports the movement although it is not clear what the exact goal is. Some say it is to prevent the unification with the mainland and to declare the independence of the country. Yet, it is thought that such an action may lead to an armed conflict which may escalate to greater proportions that anyone would want and could mean the involvement of other countries such as Japan and the US. On the other hand, the Pan-Blue Coalition opposes the movement.

Individuals can get involved in the Taiwan Independence Movement in several ways. They may adhere to the ideas of one of these two parties, by supporting it or by opposing it. They could also join organization that on one hand support the movement or they could join the organizations that oppose this political movement. One needs however determination and the clear idea on what their beliefs are. It is recommended that individuals are up to date with the developments in the area before they decide to join any of the sides. They may choose to do it through international organizations, no matter the side they pick. The FASA USA, Canada and Europe all supported democracy and a better quality of life of the Taiwanese people.