FAPA and its Role in Taiwan

Formosan Association for Public Affairs is an international non-profit organization that militates for the independence of Taiwan and for the rights of the Taiwanese people. It has branches in Canada, Europe and the United States. This NGO is encouraging stronger diplomatic, commercial and economic relationships between all countries around the world and Taiwan. It also has an educational role by informing the public and the media about the situation of the people living in Taiwan who are fighting for independence and want to become a sovereign state.

Taiwan’s situation is a sensitive issue on the geopolitical agenda of all major political players in the world. Many countries, like Canada, the US and members of the European Union, have stood up and spoke on behalf of the Taiwanese nation. They have also asked for political rights and for political representation in the world forum. Many countries consider that a lot of benefits could arise if Taiwan is declared an independent country. For example, the world will have a new trading partner, new work places could be created, people living there will have a sense of unity and nationality, and also be part of the global and international community.

New businesses could open and they would activate independent from China’s economical rules and regulations. A new market and economic policy could be established, one that would encourage liberal and profit-driven businesses. For example, Taiwan is a huge source of working and manufacturing power. Global businesses from around the world could open offices there, thus encouraging the local economy.