About Fapa Europe

FAPA Europe, or by its complete name the Formosan Association for Public Affairs Europe is a non-profit organization that has been established in 2007 and whose purpose is to promote the sovereignty of Taiwan in Europe. The organization promotes the sovereignty of Taiwan outside Europe through its USA and Canada companies. FAPA Europe was chaired by Jenny Hsieh and its main working languages were English, French and German, its headquarters were in Freiburg, Mainz and Athens and its main missions were to get international support for the sovereignty of Taiwan and the right of its peoples to choose the future status of their country, to protect its actual sovereignty by promoting peace and security in the area and to encourage Taiwan’s full participation in the international community. Those who were interested in the actions could follow the organization and its doings through the online articles it published, articles that were published in European newspapers and the occasional press releases distributed by FAPA Europe.